Grit removal from wastewater is very important to reduce operational problems of the wastewater treatment plants and to reduce maintenance of the mechanical equipment installed in it. Grit and other solids can increase wear of the mechanical equipment, cause pipe blockages, can settle and reduce the effective volume of the treatment basins.


  1. Compact design leading to smaller footprint.
  2. Robust design and simple in operation.
  3. Various models to cover a wide range of flow and grit handling requirements
  4. Consistent grit removal efficiency over a wide range of flow
  5. Low energy requirement due to efficient design and typical flow pattern inside the chamber.
  6. Design provides full access to grit collection hopper
  7. High efficiency electric motor suitable for rigorous conditions
  8. Material of construction of tank can be carbon steel or stainless steel, depending upon application or requirement. Alternate concrete tank design is available.
  9. Minimal maintenance.
  10. Control panel complete with PLC programming or SCADA.