Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) has to be managed by technologies and methods that enable keeping our cities clean, prevent pollution and protect the environment and at the same time minimize the cost through recovery of resources and energy. As per CPCB report 2012-13 municipal areas in the country generate 1, 33,760 metric tonnes per day of MSW, of which only 91,152 TPD waste is collected and 25,884 TPD treated. The MSW, therefore, dumped in low lying urban areas is a whopping 1,07,876 TPD, which needs 2,12,752 cubic meter space every day and 776 hectare of precious land.

It is strongly felt that the principle of Reduce, Reuse, Recover , Recycle and Remanufacture (5Rs) should be adopted and after making serious efforts to minimize waste , all components of MSW be utilized in a manner, that the full potential of the waste is tapped.

Hydro-mechanical and Bio methanation process are best suited for our kind of mixed waste. JEIPL has collaboration with Arrow Ecology of Israel. Arrow Bio hydro mechanical separation a patented process is most suitable for mixed waste.