FAB system or Moving Bed Bioreactor Media(MBRR) is an advanced high rate waste water treatment process utilizing free-floating media which houses huge quantity of active Biomass (MLSS) in it. FAB media can be utilized in new or old bio reactors and enhance performance. Once the media is placed inside a bio reactor and set in proper operation, you have a complete stabile, clog-free bio-film reactor. Microorganisms, which are attached to the floating media reduce the organic load. This is a fixed-film process where the floating media become carriers that build a floating bed in the water and stabilize WWTP.


  1. Optimize protection for the biomass.
  2. Lowest density to protect deep submerge.
  3. Excellent surface area.
  4. Highly reliable
  5. Highest quantity in per square meter.
  6. Wide application in waste water treatment.


  1. Municipal sewage treatment plant.
  2. Community sewage treatment plant.
  3. Industrial Effluent sewage treatment plant.