The increase in the world's population, and its resulting impact on the environment, are threatening the well being of our planet. This has resulted in making it even more urgent that we all take the responsibility for doing our best to control pollution and thus help protect our environment.

JEIPL was established in India as a result of a rapidly increasing demand for environmental protection solutions. To do this JEIPL has invested heavily in environmental protection research and development in fields such as: sewage treatment; waste disposal and Municipal Solid waste to Energy solution and new energy sources. Based on above we at JEIPL we continuously keep adding value by getting on board new technologies.

Corporate Vision
• To build, and grow, a modern, international, environmental protection enterprise with global reach.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
• The pursuit of excellence through constant innovation.

Corporate Philosophy
• Honesty and Sincerity with staff and customers.
• Management Efficiency.
• Teamwork at all levels.
• Attention to Detail.

Service Philosophy
• Dedication to Professionalism.
• Working relationships built on trust.
• Its future success will be principally based on customer satisfaction.