The belt filter press is an industrial machine, used for solid or liquid separation processes, particularly for the dewatering of sludge in the chemical industry, mining and water treatment. The process of filtration is primarily obtained by passing a pair of filtering cloths and belts through a system of rollers. The system takes a sludge or slurry as a feed, and separates it into a filtrate and a solid cake. 


  1. Stainless steel construction, high reinforcing welding structure design.
  2. The structure of the whole machine is compact, thus saving the floor space and reducing the construction investment.
  3. High reliability and low maintenance cost.
  4. Easy to operate, low energy consumption.
  5. Anti-corrosion protection.
  6. Automatic operation thus reducing labor cost and intensity.
  7. Covered properly as to keep the bearing protected from water and dust.


  1. Wide range of applications suitable for various kinds of sludge.
  2. Advanced slurry distribution unit.
  3. Press cake with the lowest moisture content.
  4. Excellent sealing of drum so no sludge leaking
  5. Multi-dewatering section design with high efficiency of water removal.
  6. Vertical roller arrangement for high efficient sludge treatment.


  1. Food & Beverage sewage
  2. Metal processing sewage
  3. Paper & pulp sewage
  4. Electro-plating sewage
  5. Leather & tannery sewage
  6. Printing sewage
  7. City mixed raw sewage
  8. Butchery sewage
  9. Stone & mine sewage.